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Uniswap Labs Limits Access to Some Tokens

Story from News Uniswap Labs Limits Access to Some Tokens The software development studio cited an "evolving regulatory landscape" in making its decision.
Uniswap Labs is restricting access to some tokens, including tokenized stocks and derivatives on the protocol interface that it supports, the software development studio said in a blog posting Friday.


Chainalysis Exec Heads to PayPal to Lead Crypto Regulatory Efforts

PayPal has poached a top policy exec from Chainalysis, the industry’s largest crypto-tracing company.
Jesse Spiro, formerly Chainalysis’ head of policy and regulatory affairs, is heading to PayPal’s crypto wing to work on regulatory policy. He said the new role was “extremely attractive and exciting,” citing the digital giant’s size and potential to bring cryptocurrency to the payments sector.


Brazilian Police Seize $33M in Crypto Money Laundering Probe

Brazil’s civil police seized R$172 million ($33 million in U.S. dollars) amid an investigation into money laundering carried out through crypto exchanges.
During an operation known as “Exchange” that took place in Sao Paulo and Diadema, Brazilian police carried out six search warrants, after which the Brazilian judiciary authorized freezing accounts and seizing assets from two individuals and 17 companies, according to an official statement that did not name them.


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