Welcome to CryptoURL

Hello and greetings dear users, we warmly welcome you to CryptoURL

CryptoURL its is only the first part of all the projects we have for the future... from a file sharing platform to one where u can mine or get bitcoin from differents ways. In CryptoURL you can get money obtaining visits to your link and then you can withdraw it via Paypal, Bitcoin or Banco Estado if you are from Chile, we also have a referral system and soon a system of ranks which will give you benefits. The rates for now are 1.50$ USD per 1000 views, that is a base rate to see how much we can earn with the ads an in the future we hope to increase these rates. Also for Withdraws the minimum amount is $5.00. If u want to withdraw via Bitcoin you can check this guide to get super lower fees. We hope you have a good time in CryptoURL ;).


Published on: 12/29/20, 1:22 AM